We will satisfy you by our work ideas

  1. There should be at least one established or recognised actor attached.
  2. There should be an experienced director attached.
  3. There should be an accomplished cinematographer attached.
  4. The project should have a strong script.
  5. A reputable sales agent should be attached, who should prepare the sales estimates.
  6. The budget should be adequate to successfully transfer the script to screen to a professional standard, whilst being commercially competitive enough to enable recoupment.
  7. A skilled producer should be attached capable of bringing the film or TV production in on budget.
  8. Pre-sales to at least major territory should be confirmed to pressure test the accuracy of the sales estimates. Whilst this is relevant for a theatrical release, it may be a different scenario for a streamer deal e.g. Netflix.
  9. A comprehensive plan should be in place for the distribution of the film. For TV productions, a commission should be in place with an established broadcaster.
  10. To protect your investment, the capital sum and premium should be as high as position as possible in the recoupment waterfall.
  11. Get the best back end deal you can. If you are fully funding the production, you should seek 50% of net profits and/or a pro-rata share based on your investment percentage. The remaining 50% is usually retained by the Producer who may have to share with the talent.
  12. An established bond company should be in place to protect the financial position of investors.
  13. Only invest what you can reasonably afford to risk.
  14. Neither IFMA Film Finance, Prosper Capital or their associates provide financial or tax advice. Always review any project with, and obtain advice from, a lawyer and/or an accountant. Also review any available tax benefits (SEIS/EIS).
IFMA FINANCE likes to encourage new filmmakers and we are impressed with the script of the short film “Black Money” which has a crowdfunding campaign


Film and television investment are historically resistant to the vagaries of the global economy even in a difficult financial climate. Returns are unrelated to equity, property and bond markets.


We are always looking for exciting new projects to consider for investment. Please submit your project to us for consideration and we will review and run things through our selection process.
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