Association of Indian Movies Artistes (INDIAN FILM MAKERS ASSOCATION) 

"INDIAN FILM MAKERS ASSOCATION aims to foster a professional platform where open and healthy discussion can be taken place and whereby it can exist as the collective force in all its earnestness and deliberate on any issues that come under the ambit of professional concern and relevance.

INDIAN FILM MAKERS ASSOCATION delivers the message of tender care and protection to its members-the members who have entertained the sphere and being part of the eventful Indian cinema- tender care and helping hand to the members on either superannuation of retirement, disableness, and any distress period on the conditions and rules, from the fund separately maintained for this purpose

To find out the issues concerning the Artistes, to analyze them and to find out possible remedies. To act, if required, as an advisory body to Government Departments connected for the upliftment and development of the film industry and particularly Indian film industry.

Besides protecting and enriching the financial status of the members, INDIAN FILM MAKERS ASSOCATION also promotes and develops better relations between its members and other associations. The scope of function of INDIAN FILM MAKERS ASSOCATION extends up to exchanging artists, scholars, students of India with other countries. Promotion and development of healthy relationships with associations of a similar spirit are also featured among the objectives of INDIAN FILM MAKERS ASSOCATION.

Helping the weaker section of the public, by introducing scholarships for educational purposes, housing schemes, etc also tops the list of priorities of the association by extending financial assistance at the time of natural calamities.

The members, INDIAN FILM MAKERS ASSOCATION, also make it prerogative for its members to maintain and develop self-discipline and professional and social ethics among members. Being the nerve center of information regarding the cine Artistes in the industry, INDIAN FILM MAKERS ASSOCATION’s benefit and relevance of such an organization stem from the collective efforts will pay where individual effort could not succeed.

INDIAN FILM MAKERS ASSOCATION also trains and develop the arts of action, dance, music, drama or other arts in the cine field or any other art by establishing colleges or institutes and to pay scholarships, prizes, merit certificates and honoring the scholars.

To publish journals, magazines, etc for developing Art, Culture, General Knowledge, etc and thus contribute to the overall development of the artists. INDIAN FILM MAKERS ASSOCATION consider it their privilege and professional obligation to the growing cine industry of Indianto conduct dramas, star-nights, dance and music performances, group discussions, etc to boost up the artistic spirit and aspirations of the artists participating in it.

Protect the members from unemployment and if feel necessary to help the qualified and needy members with financial help.

To send and receive ambassadors and Artistes between countries to propagate art, Culture, and the Artistes and to foster and maintain better relations with the public and society. The organizational hierarchy of INDIAN FILM MAKERS ASSOCATION clearly makes a clear cut division of duties and responsibilities- President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, General Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Committee INDIAN FILM MAKERS ASSOCATION also maintains a library and conduct study circles, workshops, etc. and arrange lectures for the benefit of the members.

To act as arbitrators in all disputes that may be submitted to them for arbitration by the members and others in the film field industry gives INDIAN FILM MAKERS ASSOCATION a unique status as a body with much dignity and powers. It also collects and furnishes statistics regarding the various phases of the Indianfilm industry.

Generally to purchase or sell, take on a loan or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any immovable or movable property and any rights or privileges which the society may think necessary or convenient for any of the purposes for which it is established. To make, accept, endorse and execute promotes, bill of exchange and other negotiable instruments and to make and give receipts, releases and other discharge for money payable to the society also come under the purview of INDIAN FILM MAKERS ASSOCATION.

To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

To assemble and meet, to give lectures, to discuss and to do research and to foresee a bright future for the cine fraternity and its existence fairly sums up INDIAN FILM MAKERS ASSOCATION’s objectives.

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