Film Awards

We Let Your Dream Recognized

At IFMA, we just never provide opportunities but also get the aura of your talent is recognized. Become unique and taking pride in the field of movie world is hard. Owing to be participated in prestigious conferences and having engaged in public relation activities, now we are able to blow your fame in front of jury members of prestigious award committees in the various notable genres of all 24 frames for movies, short films.

The committee of IFMA takes pride in introducing your massive talent to the national and international talent recognition corporates.  We provide this most eminent benefit to the members across India having talent and aspiring artists.  Our team constantly stay up to date to bring out forthcoming updates around from the world which lets you be in contact and updated in line to your talent of 24 frames. We constantly strive to bring more efficient opportunities and most eminent recognitions to the artists, productions, producers at best of their performances.

Join with IFMA to create your identity and let your stories, concepts, movies & short films be introduced to the award jury members where your talent recognized and awarded.