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    www.ifmd.in is an up – growing & leading online public relations and public affairs web portal for Indian Film artist & Filmmakers, You tubers, Social Media Influencers, All Studio Sector , Film Schools, Locations, Casting Directors, Film And Web, Short Film Producers, Mangers, Media Pro`s, Animals, Damage & Rented Vehicles, Production, All Film information or online Indian Film Database search engine. Whose knowledge, strategic insights and innovative programs help drive strong corporate and brand reputations for its clients. We provide our clients with strategic thinking and program execution across a complete range of public relations, public affairs, advertising and other communications services. Through our proprietary research, we are first & so lead the industry in knowledge of and insights into the relationship between communications and the Indian Film Industry reputation and our clients. These learning's are applied to our many and varied Indian Film Makers Asscoation.

    We concentrate on our clients and the industries in which they are operating. Our diverse resources and unrivaled local network enable us to bring insight, innovation, creativity and superior value to every single client assignment. Our clients benefit from a wealth of communications resources, state-of-the-art technologies, and award-winning professionals from a broad range of disciplines and backgrounds. Ifmd.in has a deep commitment to research, providing client teams with a strong understanding of their clients' industry and environment.

    “Our diverse resources and unrivaled network enable us to bring insight, innovation, creativity and superior value to every single client assignment.”

    “Best” is not our benchmark, instead to do “Better than Best” is our goal, and to provide “The Best of The Best” is our promise to our IFMA members.

    www.ifmd.in comprise of young, aggressive and synergetic teams that differentiate us with the rest, as we are not only dedicated to meet our members' need and expectation, but we always outdo the rests with our value added services in providing creative and innovative practical ideas and solutions to help our members maximize their return on investments. We derive our satisfaction from our thirst for challenges; and hence, we live by our motto and our goal, inevitably our clients will acquire The Best of The Best. Contact info@ifma.in